SME sustainable development by innovation and intellectual property (IP)

 Being consistent alongside the changing of business trends is a well known fact in SME businesses. Main production will usually be from the manufacturing industry. In the AEC SME businesses face many issues, especially with capital costs rising. New barriers are about using intelligent strategies to block competitors. However, as well as obstacles there are opportunities. Changing of business strategy approaches will allow overseas expansion, recently supported by the government. Therefore, to allow your business to meet and grow past expectation, you must adapt it to meet the required strategy for the market.

 Firstly, you should know what IP is. IP stands for Intellectual Property and the strategy for IP in terms of organisation has 3 main key points:

IPCO Solutions Process

The innovative process that requires both art and science together to make the innovative ability more effective especially innovative technology. It is making your product to be more valuable. The higher the quality of the technology, the more power you command in regards to your product. Your technology would be required from other companies and you could let them use your technology licensing.. This opens many doors of opportunity.

Firstly, you must learn how to apply the innovation to your business appropriately. For example, researching about feasibility in terms of technical and market survey including the technology trend that already exists in the market by searching for patent before developing your own technology. You should analyse the potential and ability of your product. if it is worth developing, you should develop it to be your own or you might buy the license. The time to market is the key point to consider to develop your product so it will be valuable to invest in or not. Once your product has potential, it is better to your expand your product ideas to other businesses by selling your product license. This will make it profitable without investing or taking the risks. Before investing on the innovative product, the 2 important keys are innovative process valuation and innovative due diligence.

IP Management

The way to keep your intellectual property licence is by using appropriate tools to increase the value of your property. You should manage efficiently to match your goal and choose the right intellectual property management for building your business opportunity without wasting time and money. Intellectual property management strategy is playing the biggest role to be competitive in the market. Therefore, intellectual property has many kinds of patents and licences such as the secret process and trademark.

Business Model

Business planning is the most important aspect of business development. If you have the business model you will have the business opportunity and will be supported by the government more easily.. We are recommending the business model strategy by starting with research and analysing the market first. We are using the 5 force model and SWOT or Business canvas to apply with your business.

Those 3 processes are not easy to apply but we are confident to work with you to get the successful in your business.